I hid a book. Can you find it?

Ransom Riggs

Operation Teen Book Drop is a great new initiative, which donates thousands of books each year to Native American reservations and tribal lands, and also works with hundreds of authors, who drop copies of their books in public spots for readers to find. I'm participating this year, which means I've left a copy of my book, The Sherlock Holmes Handbook, in a public place. Because I'd love one of our readers to find it, I made a video clue just for the blog.

Here it is.

OK, it shouldn't take a master detective to figure that out. But beware: there might be a red herring in the video, so just remember, when you get to the place, get to work. There. That's your second clue.

If you find the book and send us a picture of yourself with it, I'd love to post it on the blog! (Send 'em to flossypics at gmail.) And if you want to know more about The Sherlock Holmes Handbook, you can check it out on Amazon, or read sample chapters about Opium Dens, the best ways to disguise yourself, how to fake your own death, and more.