The Late Movies: Impromptu Concerts


Summer is in the air and that means one glorious thing for music fans: concerts! Planning for a summer concert can be great, but I've always wanted to stumble upon a secret show or luck into a surprise concert by one of my favorite musicians. Here are a few fans who were lucky enough to witness an impromptu show.

In this video, Wyclef Jean walks in with a DJ and performs at a Timberland shoe shore in downtown Manhattan.

Weezer plays "I'm Your Daddy" at a park in Santa Monica.

One of the most famous impromptu concerts was when U2 filmed their video for "Where Streets Have No Name." The band set up on top of a liquor store and thousands of people showed up when they heard about the filming. Eventually, the police shut down the taping, but the video was edited as if the band kept playing.

Here, a group of Boston subway riders are treated to an a capella version of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up." It's a great show, but almost no one acknowledges them.

Busking, where entertainers perform on the street, has been a secret love of several famous musicians. Paul McCartney was often known to don disguises and play on the streets of London. This is a short clip of his work.

Speaking of busking, world-renowned violinist Joshua Bell decided to play in the Washington, D.C., subway, just to see if anyone would notice. I would have loved to stumble upon him during my commute.

Finally tonight, in this clip we have Bruce Springsteen taking to the streets to play a few requests.

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