One Awesome Winner


To promote The Book of Awesome, author Neil Pasricha shared a few new excerpts here last week, and invited you guys to share your own awesome things. There were so many great comments—if you're ever having a bad day at work and aren't near your copy of Awesome, skim this page.

Neil said he'd pick one person at random and send them a book, and the winner is Bev!

"You worried about how you would ever get through labor pretty much from the moment you found out babies aren't delivered by a stork. In fact, you even asked your doctor if there was anyway someone could meet you in the hospital parking garage with some drugs. But things progress faster than planned and there isn't time for an epidural. You work through that drug-free delivery and feel like you are going to explode. Just when you think it can't get any worse you hear that wonderful cry. Next thing you know there is this beautiful creature in your arms and this overwhelming feeling of love makes you forget there was any pain at all. AWESOME!"

Bev, we'll be in touch to get your address. For the other 284 of you, Neil's book is currently 50% off over at Amazon. (At least it is at 9:51pm on Monday, April 19th.) Great job everybody!