Tonight on PBS: DIRT! The Movie

Chris Higgins

Airing tonight as part of the PBS series Independent Lens, check out DIRT! The Movie, a documentary about dirt -- what it is, how it got there, and why it's important.

Dirt is very important stuff -- it contains a lot of microorganisms working together to maintain ecosystems. Dirt is critical of course to food and other plant growth, but it's also a critical part of the overall ecosystem -- it processes rainwater and has effects on climate. In DIRT! The Movie, we learn about what dirt actually is, how it functions, and what happens to people when it's gone.

Featured in this documentary are farmers around the world, people who build with dirt, student gardeners, prison gardeners, Community Supported Agriculture programs, an interesting bit about fish waste, scientists working on microbial fuel cells (harnessing energy from soil!), and much more. If you're interested in gardening, ecology, or heck -- you're just curious about dirt -- this documentary is for you.

Representative quote: "Our wealth is imaginary; it comes from soil." -Janine Benyus.

Another representative quote: "Now, thinking about water -- this pristine stuff that we're drinking? [Drinks water.] I just had a sip of dinosaur pee." - Andy Lipkis

Check out the trailer here:

After the jump, check out a brief video interview with the filmmakers!