The Late Movies: Twin Peaks

Chris Higgins

Twenty years ago last week, Twin Peaks made its TV debut. Often described as eerie, creepy, or just plain weird, Twin Peaks is now considered a landmark in TV history. I'm a huge fan of the music -- composed by Angelo Badalamenti, with lyrics by David Lynch and vocals by Julee Cruise -- it's atmosphere and haunting. If you're a Twin Peaks fan, the Julee Cruise album "Floating Into the Night" is a must-have. Anyway, here are some awesome Twin Peaks clips to weird out your evening.

"Just You and I"

James Hurley, Donna Hayword, and Madeleine Ferguson sing a song (complete with invisible rhythm section) in the living room. If you think the weirdness of this clip is interesting, you will like this show.

Coffee Clips

"Damn good coffee -- and hot!" Spoiler alert: Agent Cooper likes his coffee black.

Opening Credits

The extra-long version (over two and a half minutes), apparently from the pilot.

Audrey's Dance

No words.

Cooper's Investigative Techniques (Featuring Tibet)

"Where do you want these rocks?" "Put 'em right there by the donuts, deputy."

Andy Versus Loose Board

Andy's got some issues.

Sesame Street - Monsterpiece Theater - "Twin Beaks"

Agent Cookie reporting. "Me in town called Twin Beaks. Darn fine town. Darn fine pie." Also featuring David Finch and Log Bird.

Share Your Twin Peaks Memories

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