I'm sure we could have a nice long discussion about what the world's flossiest band is -- They Might Be Giants would certainly be a strong contender -- but I'm gonna go a little more old-school on this one, and call it in favor of Devo. Nerdy and proud of it, these New Wave pioneers put Moogs and synths front-and-center in a style that band co-founder Mark Mothersbaugh describes as "the Flintstones meets the Jetsons." Devo's been holed up in a studio in Los Angeles working on a new album, and Motherboard.tv was allowed inside for a sneak peek, as well as interviews with all four members of the band. It gets especially fun near the end of the 11-minute piece when Mark shows off some bizarro "circuit-bending" instruments he found on eBay, one of which appears to be an 80s-era printer-calculator soldered to a tennis racket with a light-up Donald Duck head on top. And it actually sounds pretty cool!