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New $100 Bill: "Unveiling Video"

Chris Higgins

Okay, so there's a US government website called That's the first problem. We need a whole website with its own domain name to talk about updated currency? The updated currency that isn't being released until February of 2011? Okay, I get it, everybody needs a website (although I thought the US Treasury already had one). But what I really don't get is that you can "Follow the $100 Note Unveiling on the U.S. Currency Social Media Pages [links to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube]." What is the $100 Note going to post as a status update? "Having an awesome time in your rich friend's wallet!" I'm really wondering what big news they're going to unveil between now and February 2011. Should I be a "Fan" of the new money on Facebook? Do I "Like" it? also gives us this intense "unveiling video" explaining the "features" of the new $100. I remember when only cars and computers had features.

Don't miss the Educational Games & Resources page at, including an interactive video quiz about the new $100 bill. Sorry, "$100 note." Oh, and here's the Twitter feed. My favorite update is from April 2: "Are you a fan of U.S. currency? Visit us at the official U.S. Currency Facebook fan page at"