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Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Ransom Riggs

Y'all might remember a writer we had here a while back named John Green, who went on to fame and well, if not fortune exactly, then great acclaim in both YA lit and YouTube videoblogger circles with his many great novels and several years' worth of funny, fast-talking videos made in conjunction with his eco-minded bro, Hank. (I say y'all, by the way -- which I realize is uncharacteristic of both myself and this blog -- because it's kind of a John Green-ism).

Anyway, John just came out with a new novel. And it's not just any new novel either, but one he's been working on for five years, and is kind of like a regular novel but with a twist! It's about two boys who are both named Will Grayson, and John writes the odd-numbered chapters in the voice of one Will and another celebrated YA author, David Levithan, writes the even-numbered chapters in the voice of the other Will. Naturally, John made a video about it, so I'll let him tell you about -- and read from -- the book himself.