Hubble Space Telescope: 20 Years of Awesome Science

Chris Higgins

On April 22, NASA announced 20 years of Hubble Space Telescope pictures. Yes, our little buddy Hubble has been up there for 20 years, happily sending images back to us. NASA has collected videos, a Greatest Hits photo archive, and even a book showing Hubble's best work. Here's my favorite Hubble photo:

Orion Nebula

Check out HubbleSite for much, much more. (Be sure to check out their computer wallpaper section and their gallery of Hubble images -- that's a lot of images.)

After the jump, a few more awesome Hubble pics....

Hubble Captures Spectacular "Landscape" in the Carina Nebula

Southern Crab Nebula He2-104

Helix Nebula (Closeup)

Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 Bombards Jupiter

The Orion Nebula's Trapezium Cluster

Hubble Mini-Documentary

There's a NASA-tastic video celebrating the 20 year anniversary through a series of interviews with scientists. Unfortunately NASA's video embedding code doesn't work very well, so I can't include the video in this post directly. Check out the video here for an overview of what Hubble has done for scientists over 20 years, including specifics of why Hubble is important, and what makes it different from ground telescopes.

Share Your Favorites!

The best Hubble gallery I've found so far is this HubbleSite album. Got a favorite Hubble pic? Post a link in the comments!