Creepy "Spirit" Photographs

Ransom Riggs

Spirit photographs are relics of the Spiritualism craze of the 19th century, and nothing more than slightly doctored double-exposures. But that fact hasn't stopped ghost hunters from collecting them like crazy -- and it doesn't make them any less creepy. Check out these spirit photographs I found in the Flickr Commons.

A photograph of a mourning scene, probably taken by William Hope (1863-1933) in about 1920. A woman mourns for her husband in a Chapel of Rest, standing by his body which is wrapped in sheets and laden with flowers. The woman's son stands beside her. The image of a man's face has been superimposed over the original photograph. The spirit album notes that the family were Roman Catholics and believed in life after death.

A photograph of one Mrs Bentley, once the President of the British Spiritualists Lyceum Union. A superimposed image - that of Mrs Bentley's deceased sister's face - appears at the lower right of the photograph.

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