Scenes From the Magic City Art Connection

Jason English

The Flossers in our Birmingham office—Neely, Will, Terri & Winslow—want to thank everyone who stopped by and said hello at the Magic City Art Connection in Linn Park last weekend.

Here's President Will Pearson explaining to the crowd why our "Holland: Can't Dutch This" shirt is funny.

A bunch of you whispered the secret words ("Jason sent me") and were rewarded with a free mental_floss book. Good times.

Forget festivals—I'd like to get a company van and just cruise around with this fancy t-shirt display rack in the back.

Before the next event, art director Terri Dann will design a life-size cardboard cut-out of herself holding the magazine.

In that spirit, Winslow debuted this (almost) life-like wax figure on Sunday.

If you'd like to pick up a shirt without the hassle of attending a festival, they're all available in our online store. Use the code supermom and get 15% off your order. See you all next time!

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