The Geocities-izer


Remember 1996 -- or, as I call it -- the golden age of websites? In those days animated GIFs reigned, MIDI soundtracks spiced up pages, and you actually cared what Geocities "neighborhood" your site was in. Fourteen years later, Geocities is dead, animated GIFs have been replaced with Flash, and MIDI soundtracks...well, those are still awesome. If you yearn for a taste of the mid-90's web, try The Geocities-izer, a site that can "make any web page look like it was made by 13-year-old in 1996." Above we see what looks like when run through the Geocities-izer. Try out your favorite sites and see what happens!

WARNING: The Geocities-izer adds music to pages! If you're at work, turn off your speakers. Or turn 'em up, if you want to enjoy a smooth hit from the mid-90's.


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