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How to Become a Fantastical Creature

Ransom Riggs

They're called Weta Legs, and they were designed by a Seattle woman named Kim Graham, who's working as a designer at Peter Jackson's film studio in New Zealand, Weta. Kim actually built some prototypes last year, but the folks at Weta encouraged her to use their Hobbit-building laboratories (where they're prepping the upcoming film) to make professional versions, which you can now buy for just under $1,000 US. They come in two sizes, small and large, and according to the website, "Weta Legs can easily be costumed to resemble a digitigrade leg, from canine and feline to fantastical demons, dragons, satyrs and even robots," and "can be precisely tuned using the ingenious Y-cable to change the wearer's centre of balance to compensate for a large tail, a big head or other costume features."

Who wants a pair for Halloween?