The Late Movies: Happy Birthday, Seinfeld!


What's the deal with The Late Movies tonight? Well, the one and only Jerry Seinfeld turns 56 today. So, to take you into Friday, here are a few clips from the often imitated, but never duplicated comedian.

This clip purports to be Seinfeld's first television appearance. Here, he appears on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson to perform a few minutes of stand-up comedy.

Seinfeld has, of course, been on a ton of late night shows since that fateful day. In this clip, he talks with Conan about the intricacies of smartphones.

The mastermind behind the show Seinfeld is creator Larry David (as you know, the character George was partly based on his neuroticism). In season 7 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, the original cast of Seinfeld reunites for the first time. Here's a quick clip of Seinfeld doing the same routine from above on Curb.

Seinfeld has influenced a generation. Don't believe me? Take a quick listen to these complied clips set to music from the show.

Seinfeld continues to appear in a variety of places. Recently, he joined Seth Meyers for a segment called "Really with Seth And Jerry" to discuss Eric Massa's excuses for his current scandal.

In this clip, Seinfeld appears with Kenneth the Page from Tina Fey's 30 Rock.

Larry King takes a certain amount of pride in not preparing for interviews. Here, Seinfeld gets more than a little miffed at King for asking if Seinfeld was fired from NBC.

Of course, not everything Jerry does turns to gold. In this video, he appears with Bill Gates in a Microsoft ad for the launch of Windows Vista. These ads were considered a huge flop and Microsoft pulled them after a short while. That said, Seinfeld was still paid $10 million for the campaign.

One of Jerry's many enduring legacies is how many people choose to copy his style. For the final clip (although Jerry doesn't appear in it), here is a video from Conan showing auditions for a new version of Seinfeld.

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