Spider-Man Window Washing

Jill Harness

"Spider-Man, Spider-Man, creates a streak-free shine wherever he goes."

For some reason, this song just isn't as catchy as the actual Spider-Man theme. But if you happen to live in France, Qatar or the UAE, you could be singing this tune as Spider-Man actually uses his Spidey Sense to detect and eradicate bird droppings and smudges that are threatening to blur your vision from high-rise building windows.

"We believe in finding the passion and fun in everything we do. If we can have Spider-Man clean our exterior, then why not? It puts a smile on people's faces," commented Peter O'Connor, a happy customer who manages the Mövenpick Hotel.

Spider Style, the company that offers the service, claims that their rope-based cleaning system allows older, more delicate buildings to be cleaned easier, faster and with less damage than the standard machine-based window cleaning systems.

The fact that superheroes are doing the washing is only an added bonus.