The Late Movies: Classic Letterman

Chris Higgins

I was just alerted to this trove of classic David Letterman clips on YouTube. They appears to be transferred from VHS tapes, and give a glimpse of what late-night TV looked like in the 1980's. Ah, memories.

Dave Gets Help Making a Phone Call, January 1988

With a telephone technician, a receptionist skilled at dialing, a production assistant, legal counsel, a staff runner, and a fireman...what could possibly go wrong?

The NBC Bookmobile, February 1988

Dave gets a visit from a bookmobile on a forklift. "It's all in preparation for the upcoming Battle of the Network Bookmobiles."

Top Ten List & Supermarket Finds, July 1986

Wow, a reference to the USFL (United States Football League). Now that's dated.

Gift Shop Finds (Including Intro), August 1985

Elvis Earmuffs. "Need to make a good impression on that important job interview?" Also an Elvis Presley Musical Jewelry Box.

Intro from Dave's First Month on the Air, 1982

A walk-and-talk on the way to the studio. You get to see Andy Rooney on the way, and an early appearance of Bud Melman.

Post Your Favorites

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(Via John Merriman's awesome Twitter feed.)

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