The Late Movies: The Cure

Chris Higgins

Any 80's Goths in the house? I thought so. Let's take a trip through the annals of music video history -- specifically, my favorite songs by The Cure. Share your favorites in the comments!

Boys Don't Cry

From way back in


1986 (thanks @TheKm!), this video is weird, fun, and simple. A kid-version of the band plays, while the real band plays behind a curtain. Robert Smith's eyes glow red. That is all.

In Between Days

The official video includes bizarre colorization, including, guess what, glowing red eyes for Smith! Also colorful socks added in postproduction.

Also: live in France, 1986.

Pictures of You

You know it's 1990 when the video is shot outdoors and there's a hailstorm on a faux beach placed in a frozen wasteland. You know it's awesome when there's a guy in a polar bear suit and a snowball fight breaks out at the end.

From YouTube's video description:

All the band members did their own make-up in a bathroom in a near by pub. The polar bear in the video is Bruno, the Cure's driver and he also plays the octopus in the "Close to me- Closer mix" video.

Just Like Heaven

Strange parallels between this (from 1987) and the video above for "Pictures of You." Sadly, no polar bears. Be sure to read the surprisingly extensive Wikipedia entry about this song. According to Wikipedia, the woman here is Smith's wife Mary Poole; video director Tim Pope said, "[Poole] can honestly lay claim to being the only featured female in any Cure video, ever."

Close To Me

Socks make another appearance, as the band are tossed off a cliff while trapped inside a wardrobe. Also, the Beachy Head footage is reused for the "Just Like Heaven" video above.


Just hanging out in a cave.

Share Your Favorites in the Comments

There are lots of great The Cure videos out there -- post links to your favorites in the comments!