Drunk History: Fredrick Douglass

Chris Higgins

If you haven't seen Drunk History, get ready to spend this afternoon laughing yourself into a stupor. How it works: the producers get somebody super-drunk, then have that person tell a story from history. This story is usually completely inaccurate, but hilarious due to the aforementioned super-drunkenness. Then the producers get actors (often surprisingly high-caliber actors) to reenact the story word-for-word as told by the super-drunk person. The rest is Drunk History.

In this episode, the story (sort of) of Fredrick Douglass. Some representative dialog:

Lincoln: "What do I do about slavery? What do I do about the black population?" Douglass: "Whoo! Well, okay, Abraham Lincoln, I am Fredrick Douglass, I am a former slave who--" And Lincoln's like "Shh. I get it. I know. I know who you are. It's been explained to me. I've been following your career forever. Be quiet. I'm into it. Let's talk."

Featured in this video: Will Ferrell, Don Cheadle, Zooey Deschanel, and Jen Kirkman narrating.

Warning: there are a few f-bombs in this video. Also a bit of drunkenness.

If you're into this, check out more Drunk History. For more on Douglass, check out this Wikipedia entry, which corroborates parts of Kirkman's story.