The Late Movies: Bizarre Pets


There are a lot of people in my city who have dogs small enough to fit in purses or cages full of exotic birds. A friend of mine actually had a mountain lion growing up -- and his stories of nearly getting his head bitten off one day while romping in the yard made me wonder what other bizarre pets people have. Here's what I found.

A crocodile in -- where else -- Australia. Meet Johnny the pet croc.

Who knew that anteaters also enjoyed wine? Only the finest, of course!

This dude from the United Arab Emirates has a lion, and plays with it like it's a cat. A big, deadly cat.

Dillie the deer lives with an Ohio family.

This lady has a live fox for a pet ... and a dead one on the wall. Creepy!

Waddles the skunk has recently run out of shampoo.

A family in Japan trained a pet penguin to pick up dinner. It walks to the fish market and back every day with a backpack.

This potbellied pig ran away from home and is up for adoption! But be sure and let her outside every day or she'll root up your furniture.