The Late Movies: 10 International McDonald's Commercials

Chris Higgins

We all know McDonald's has a global presence. But what are their non-US TV commercials like? A quick trip to YouTube tells me that there's a LOT going on in the international McDonald's commercial landscape! Check out ten (often bizarre) international commercials...if you dare.

India - Chatpata McAloo Tikki

I have no idea what's happening here. There's slapping involved.

Japan - McGrand Tomato

A sexy lady version of Ronald McDonald, wind whipping through her red hair, flirts with a "McGrand Tomato" sandwich. And a tomato.

Korea - Frozen Treats

A nice lady tries to tell a kid that he has gotten some McFrozenTreat on his face. Hijinks ensue.

China - Fries & a Twist

A man conducts an aquatic orchestra using McDonald's fries as batons. The fish are not pleased with his choice of sandwich.

Unknown Spanish-Speaking Market - "Me Encanta"

Loosely translated, "me encanta" is Spanish for "I love it/him/her" -- close enough to "I'm lovin' it™" I suppose. This ad is actually very well-done -- it has the vibe of an indie film, rather than a mega-corporate commercial. Note that a similar ad was run in Russia with some edits and a Russian/English version of the rap.

France - Featuring Sonic the Hedgehog

"c'est tout ce que j'aime" indeed. My favorite part is actually the bizarre Martial Arts Ronald McDonald at the beginning.

England - 80's Businessman "McDonald's Makes Your Day!"

The tune is, indeed, catchy. This guy has it made (thanks to McDonald's).

Korea - Fries

Why you shouldn't steal fries from your friend. Note the odd English (I daresay Engrish) at the end: "Don't be risky your life! French Fries is only w500 at McDonald's" preceding the actual Korean text. Is this real?

India - Chicken McNuggets ("chicken khane ka naya style!")

A frenetic micro-movie, including "yummy dips!"

Philippines - "First Love"

A love story set in a McDonald's. (Note that there are English subtitles if you hit the "CC" button -- you may need to go to YouTube to see that button, depending on your browser.)

Find a Zillion More

I had to stop at 10, but there are a LOT of international McDonald's ads on YouTube. If you find a favorite, post it in the comments!