When Reality Collapses on Itself, and other Documentaries

Ransom Riggs

Last week I went to see this new documentary about Troll 2. I couldn't get anyone to go with me, though, because it necessitated 1) explaining what Troll 2 was (it is by many people's standards the worst film ever made) and 2) explaining how a documentary about something so profoundly not-good could actually be very good. It was just the latest example of how culture, fed and fast-forwarded by internet memes, tends to bend over backward and fold in on itself, and if you weren't privy to the original meme, well, you probably won't appreciate any of the stuff that's built on its foundation.

So to provide some foundation, here's the trailer for Troll 2:

And here's a teaser from the documentary, called The Best Worst Movie:

And so, through the power of the internet and people's semi-ironic appetite for the dreggiest dregs of our culture, the cast of Troll 2 have become, for a time, re-famous.

Similarly, there is the film Winnebago Man, about a TV pitchman whose envelope-pushing outtakes became a YouTube phenomenon a few years ago. People tracked down the long-disappeared Winnebago salesman and brought him back into the spotlight. (Warning: NSFW language, due to extreme crochetiness.)

Have you noticed any similar trends or culture-foldings lately? We'd love to hear about them, because I totally love this stuff!