Bart Simpson's Blackboard

Chris Higgins

In the opening credits of The Simpsons, Bart is usually (but not always) shown writing something on a blackboard at school, presumably a punishment for his schoolboy antics. What Bart writes changes from episode to episode. In twenty-one seasons, this adds up to a heck of a lot of blackboards. Wouldn't you know it -- there's a blog for that.

Bart's Blackboard is an exhaustive archive of every blackboard shown on The Simpsons opening sequences. It's a weird thing to see all these disconnected moments put together. Does The Simpsons have a writer who keeps track of all the blackboards? I kinda want that job. (Incidentally, there are some repeats -- easier to spot using this list.) Anyway, here are some samples:

Season 3, episode 19 (Dog of Death):

Season 4, episode 20 (the infamous Whacking Day):

Season 6, episode 20 (Two Dozen and One Greyhounds):

Feast your eyes on all of them. As writer Aaron Cohen points out: "There's an electrical outlet in front of Bart's knee in every season except season 1 and season 21. This might only be interesting to me." I think this is a perfectly cromulent fact that embiggens this blog.

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