Early 90's Video Game Promo Video

Chris Higgins

What has three bonus stages and a terrible promo video? Street Fighter II Turbo for SNES, dudes!! Apparently in the early 90's, Capcom sent out a viral videotape to players. They encourage viewers to share the VHS videotape with friends. Now, that tape has finally gone viral. It's pretty awful. Here are some quotes:

Host: "A lot of players think this is the greatest fighting game of all time!" (No citation provided.) Host: "Did you see that new move!?" Vaguely interested onlooker: "Aww, that was...bad." Same onlooker, later: "I can't wait to play this, man." Host: "Actually [looks over shoulder], the Super NES version is better than the arcade version. No lie!" (Possible lie.) Host: "One of Ken and Ryu's most famous moves is the Air Hurricane Kick. Here's the move: make Ken or Ryu jump, then, while in midair, in one continuous motion, push the joystick down, down-backward, backward, then quickly hit any Kick Button." If you think that's easy, check out Chun Li's crazy fireball thing.

(Via Jordan Morris has this thing.)