A Side Car with a Splash of Water!


Perhaps, it's from having watched so much Transformers growing up, but I love things that double as other things. I love Ben Franklin's rocking chair that simultaneously churned butter as you rocked, the ice cooler on wheels that you can drive around, and even that new-fangled hot tub that doubles as a time machine (kidding). So, it's no wonder I like this motorcycle side car, featured in an old issue of Modern Mechanix.

The water tight  car could apparently be detached to function as a little boat. According to the clip, future side cars were supposed to be fitted with rudders. Does anyone know what company made these? Or how easy they were to detach? (Seems a little scary, if they could come off with ease). In any case, it seems like a pretty fun idea. Link via the always wonderful Boingboing.