The Late Movies: Slow Motion

Mark Arminio

Relax. It's almost Friday. Take a deep breath. You've made it another week. As you let the calming intake of air settle you down, check out some of these awesome slow motion videos that should help remind you to take it easy.

Here's a golf ball slamming into a steel plate.

Here are some fast animals showing off their skills in very slow motion.

A slow motion slap to the face.

Here is a series of people getting punched in the face in slow motion. Wait for the girl under the water.

A slow motion water balloon to the face.

Every wondered what a sneeze looks like in super slow motion set to Schubert? Wonder no more.

Slow motion of a surfer catching a wave.

Sparks fly off the flint, the fluid catches, a flame is born.

A slow motion lightning strike. Each time you think it's over, it keeps going.

And finally, just for fun, here's a guy trying to cut a soccer ball in half with an axe. Enjoy!

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