The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

That's Where the Water Went!

The staff at Etali Safari Lodge in South Africa tried to find the leak in the hot tub for weeks, but didn't find out why it was losing water every day until a guest took a picture. An elephant named Troublesome was drinking from the spa! Rangers from the attached wildlife preserve are familiar with the elephant, and say she is very inquisitive. The lodge is now providing drinking water for the elephant to keep her out of the pool.

Woman Gives Birth While Driving

When Amanda McBride went into labor, she left work, picked up Joseph Phillips, and headed to the hospital. McBride drove the car because Phillips suffers from seizures. By the time they arrived at North Country Regional Hospital in Bemidji, Minnesota, the baby was out.

"She yelled at me to grab the wheel," Phillips said. "And then, all of a sudden, I heard this little waaa (cry)."

Amanda said she had managed to pull down her pants after her water broke.

"And then the baby just came right out," she said. "I was just sitting on the seat and he just slid out. It really wasn't bad at all."

Amanda continued driving to the hospital because she figured that would be faster than pulling over and waiting for an ambulance. The baby boy is healthy.

Bomb Detonation Become Crapshoot

Police officers in Huron, Ohio called the bomb squad when a homemade bomb was found fizzing inside a portable toilet. The Lorain County Bomb Squad decided the safest way to deal with the bomb would be to shoot it. When they did, the toilet receptacle exploded and the police were splattered with feces. One officer was covered in it. Four teenagers were later arrested and charged with multiple violations.

Kitten Survives Entire Washing Machine Cycle

A four-month-old kitten in Manly Vale, New South Wales, Australia snuck into a washing machine as it was being loaded. Lindsay Rogers didn't see the kitten, and put the wash on a 30-minute cold cycle. When the load was finished, he opened the washer and heard a "meow". Rogers rushed Kimba to a veterinarian, who treated her for shock and hypothermia. The kitten started to purr within a couple of hours. More treatment was needed for Kimba's eyes, which were inflamed by the soap. Two weeks later, she has recovered, with no long-term effects expected.

Teen Holds Breath and Passes Out While Driving

Four teenagers in Monroe County, New York were taken to a hospital for minor injuries after a one-vehicle crash. Two of the boys had to be extracted from the car by firefighters. The three 19-year-olds and one 16-year-old were all holding their breath as part of a game, and apparently the driver, Bryan Parslow, passed out and ran off the road. The car hit a tree and then a large boulder. Investigators say alcohol was not involved.

Bagpipes Used to Scare Off Rats

A company that leads tours into the historic Vienna sewers was stopped by health and safety officials who declared the risk of rat bites was too high. In response, Third Man Tours came up with an innovative solution that allowed the tours to resume: bagpipe music.

Tour boss Peter Ryborz explained: "We get rid of the rats by taking a bagpipe player down with us, and they sound really great in the catacombs that tunnel all under the city.

"You can hear them coming out of drains as the tours walk around under the city."

German Thieves Overdid the Explosives

An attempt bank robbery in the German village of Malliss ended in massive destruction Monday night. The bank building was turned into rubble, nearby buildings were damaged, and a suspected getaway car was found on fire. Authorities believe the would-be robbers misjudged the amount of explosives needed to dislodge the cash dispenser, and had to leave empty-handed when the building collapsed. No one was hurt in the late night explosion.