The Late Movies: Mustaches


Last year, my friend teamed up with the other dudes in his workplace for Mustache March, a month-long celebration of facial hair. There was just one rule: No one shaves till April. While my friends found this highly amusing, many of the significant others of the Mustache Marchers didn't feel the same and demanded the boys shave. Most did, but not my pal. Here, I've rounded up three examples of truly epic facial hair for guys with understanding partners and then three examples of shaving techniques for those who aren't quite so lucky.

World Beard and Mustache Competition

This international biennial competition features men with highly styled or lengthy facial hair. This video from the 2007 competition in Carson City features some of the most outlandish beards I've ever seen.

12-Foot Mustache

Ram Singh Chauhan, a 54-year-old man living in Indian, has a mustache nearly four meters long. He began growing his mustache in 1982 after being inspired by a fellow Rajasthani, Karna Bheel, who held the Guinness world record at the time. Currently, the record is held by Bajansinh Juwansinh Gurjar, who has facial hair measuring 12-and-a-half feet.

Handlebar-Soul Patch Combo

If you can determine whether or not this guy is being ironic, please tell me in the comments. I've watched it four times and I'm still not sure.

Basic Grooming

Here's the deal on basic mustache grooming. This video has great commentary as well as super-up-close shots of a guy who follows instructions well. It ends with a special piece of celebrity mustache trivia, too!

Pencil Mustache

As we learned in the last video, "there are as many types of mustaches as there are men." The Pencil Mustache was popularized by Errol Flynn and more recently by John Waters. Here's a funny guide to how to make your pencil mustache be as memorable as theirs.

Straight Razor

I don't quite understand why anyone would shave with a straight razor in 2010, but in case you're the type of guy who wants to live on the edge and learns visually (no commentary from this guy!), here's an instructional video.

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