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At the Libraries: Your Weekly Round-Up

Miss Kathleen

Every Wednesday, Miss Kathleen provides links to a variety of things happening at libraries across the country. If there's something fun going on in your local library this week, leave us a comment!

The Main Library of the Richland County (SC) Public Library in Columbia has a gorgeous Where the Wild Things Are mural that you can see here. There is also a swanky-sounding event coming up to support the library. Wine, music, and food? In a library? I'm sold.
After hearing about a couple from Denton, TX, who visited the mental_floss retail store outside Cleveland, I looked up their library. The Denton Public Library is offering some great programs, including a Writers Workshop this Saturday.

At my library, if you sign up for email rather than phone notification, you get a courtesy email a few days before your books are due. Pretty handy. But if your library doesn't offer that service, head on over to Library Elf and they will be glad to assist you.
Did you know that "The secret of stress management is in your breath"? Me either, but I guess it makes sense. You can learn about all that and more -- start eliminating stress at the Yoga of Breath workshop at the Salt Lake City Public Library.
If you're in Boston on Friday, you can get a free tour of local architecture near the Boston Public Library -- pretty cool!
Patty Smith was recently at the New York Public Library reading from her new book, Just Kids, and staff there created a great video, edited down to about 4 minutes. It's pretty awesome and I highly recommend watching
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