Who Wants to Write on Glass?


Every now and then, following our blog pays off in nontraditional ways. Sure, we're the place where knowledge junkies get their fix. But we're also the place to score free stuff! Today, we're giving away an unlimited number of invites to a cool Firefox plugin called WriteOnGlass. Here's how it works. Say you're browsing our blog and come across a post you want to share with all your friends. Sure, you could leave the browser and email everyone the link, but why not just leave a note, sort of like an e-post-it, right there on the page, which kicks off a conversation about the post with all your friends, who can comment back and add their own two cents?! Pretty awesome right?

Plus, if you happen to be on the same URL at the same time as any of your friends (or those people in your WriteOnGlass network/contact), you can use the e-post-it to IM back and forth, live!

It's in BETA mode right now, but I visited the WriteOnGlass offices a few weeks back and convinced them that you _flossers were the perfect audience to help them work out the kinks. I've been using it for over a month now and I really haven't found anything NOT to like.

So if you want to sign up, go to WriteOnGlass.com and enter the custom invite code "flossers." You can even add me as a contact if you'd like just by searching my name. See you on the Internets!