The Late Movies: What the Dramatic Squirrel Begat

Ransom Riggs

You're probably all familiar with the dramatic squirrel, a meme that began a few years ago when someone added some over-the-top music to a clip from a Japanese game show, and created this:

Since then, a million imitators have come and gone, leaving in their wake a whole zoo of dramatic animals -- and people, too. For instance, the Beautiful Mind dog:

As well as the dramatic cat:

Not to mention the Dramatic Wagner Lemur:

Or the Dramatic Justin Bieber. You've got to admit, he does look a little like a chipmunk.

Dramatic Bieber from Justin Bieber

Then there are the variations on the original, like the Kill Bill dramatic chipmunk:

Or this Bond remix:

Or the Star Wars remix:

This one isn't exactly faithful to the original, but I like the weirdness.

Yes, the guy in the video above was arrested for, among other things, possession of a toad with intent to lick. Here's some more info, courtesy of a local newsteam who can barely contain their giggles:

Whoops, got a little off-topic there. Here's one last dramatic chipmunk!