Symphony of Science: "The Case for Mars"


John Boswell has done it again -- he's created another Symphony of Science music video, this time called "The Case for Mars." The video lays out the reasons why scientists think we should go to Mars, but it's made poetic by Boswell's auto-tuned symphonic electronica. Enjoy.

Featuring: Robert Zubrin, Carl Sagan, Brian Cox (looking dashing as always), and Penelope Boston.

Lyrics after the jump.

[Robert Zubrin]Mars is the next logical stepIn our space programIt's the challenge that's been staring us in the faceFor the past 30 years It has water, it has carbon,It has a 24 hour dayIt has geothermal energyMars is a place we can settle [Carl Sagan]There is a giant rift in its surface5,000 kilometers longThere is a volcano as wide as Arizona [Zubrin]So there's the choice in lifeOne either grows or one decaysGrow or dieI think we should grow [Sagan]Mars is a world of wonders [Brian Cox]It has canyons, river valleys,and giant ice sheets [Sagan]Mars is a world of wonders [Zubrin]It shouldn't be humans to Mars in 50 yearsIt should be humans to Mars in 10 We either muster the courage to goOr we risk the possibility of stagnation and decay We've got cosmic radiationZero gravityMartian dust stormsBack contamination But these are dragons that we can take on [Sagan]In our time we have siftedThe sands of MarsEstablished a presence thereAnd fulfilled a century of dreams [Cox]The Mars rovers have reallyCaptured our imaginationsThey genuinely are explorersIn the old-fashioned sense [Zubrin]If you put out a callFor volunteers for the first crew to MarsThey'd be lined up coast to coast (refrain) [Cox]Mars is a dry frozen version of our homeCovered in red dust and sand [Penelope Boston]At one timeIn the ancient pastMars was very similarTo the conditions of early earth [Zubrin]There will always be people with new ideasOn how humans should live together [Cox]We now have "eyes" and "ears" on the surface [Zubrin]What's left after you go isThe good you've left behindYou have to believe in hopeYou have to believe in the future There are more and more people coming around to the point of view thatA positive future for humanity requires human expansion to space (refrain) We're at a crossroads todayWe either muster the courage to goOr we risk the possibility of stagnation and decay

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