Celebrities Eating Dot Com

Chris Higgins

I'm pleased to announce the triumphant return* of the most useful site of the century, Celebrities Eating Dot Com. Yes, that's right, this is the best destination for photos of celebrities eating food anywhere on the internet, period. Want to see Obama eating a hot dog, or John McCain eating a hot dog, or, let's go for it, George Clooney totally destroying a hot dog? NOW YOU CAN. Before, you might have to resort to Google Images to get embarrassing nom-nom-nom celeb shots, but thanks to this crack team of bloggers (I'm sorry, food journalists), THE FOOD'S A-POPPIN'. But it's not just hot dogs, people. Sometimes there's pizza and stuff.

Here's my favorite: Stardate: Paper Plate, which carries the caption: "Captain.... the pizza is highly illogically.... delicious." Shatner and Nimoy:

There's more where that came from. Oh, and the site's creator was even interview by an English radio program.

* = The site was on hiatus for a year and a half. I guess nobody ate anything for a while because of the financial crisis and everything.