Who Is Larry O'Brien?

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The Spurs are your NBA champions. Who's that guy whose name is on the trophy?

The NBA's championship trophy made its debut in its current form in 1978. It was originally called the Walter A. Brown Trophy, a nod to the former Celtics owner whose name had been on the league's previous championship bling. In 1984, the league renamed the trophy to honor outgoing NBA commissioner Larry O'Brien. O'Brien, who served as commissioner from 1975-84, was previously the Postmaster General under Lyndon Johnson and a chairman of the Democratic National Committee. He passed away in 1990.

The trophy itself is around two feet high and depicts a regulation-sized basketball going into a net. The Tiffany-designed trophy is made of sterling silver with a 24-carat gold overlay and weighs over 14 pounds. According to the league, each trophy is worth an estimated $13,500.

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