The Late Movies: Premakes

Ransom Riggs

What would Star Wars look like if it had been made in 1950? Or Ghostbusters just a few years later? A clever YouTuber called Whoiseyevan took it upon himself to find out, and with a huge bank of classic movie footage to chose from, plus some old-school looking titles and subtle blending of modern sound with classic, he's created a brand-new video genre: the premake. Here are some of our favorites.

Here's Ghostbusters -- starring Fred MacMurray!

Indiana Jones: he's handy with his whip ... and handy with his lips! Fantastic -- and it almost makes me wonder if the Raiders we're all familiar with was a rip-off.

Check out the super-smart premake of Forrest Gump --

-- and then the even smarter breakdown. Now we're really learning something!

If the current trend keeps up, this premake might become a real movie: