Put Your Hands Together for Will Treece!

Jason English

I'm very excited to introduce the newest member of the mental_floss team, Swarthmore's Will Treece! Will's going to be helping us out this summer. Here's his bio:

Will Treece grew up in Tokyo, lives in Detroit, and is currently a History major at Swarthmore College. Highlights of his life include playing in the Japanese National Scrabble Championship, his North Korea-themed 18th birthday party, and lip-syncing a rap about Poe's "The Raven" in front of his entire high school. He'll be providing mental_floss with tasty historical tidbits this summer, and he really likes maps.

Will's in charge of a new daily feature for us called The Number of the Day, which begins tomorrow. (Yes, we stole the idea from Sesame Street.) He'll also be working on articles and quizzes. Make him feel welcome!