New Fridge Concept is Awesome, Scary

Ransom Riggs

Here's a "cool" idea for a refrigerator (heh) which actually doesn't use cooling at all to keep food fresh. Nor does it have a door -- or a motor, a compressor, or anything else electrical. The Bio Robot Refrigerator, industrial designer Yuriy Dmitriev's entry for the Electrolux Design Lab competition, is a reservoir 1/4 the size of a normal fridge that's filled with a sticky, odorless biopolymer gel that preserves food using luminescence. (When someone explains to me how exactly luminescence can cool food, I'll update this!)

To store food, you simply press it into the gel, which envelops it and creates a separate capsule for each item. To remove it, simply stick your hand in and pull it out -- if you're brave enough. It does look a bit like either the Blob from The Blob or the alien from Alien's flesh-eating mouth-goo.

Via Ecogeek