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The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Jesus Goes Up in Flames

A 62-foot tall statue of Jesus at the Solid Rock Church on I-75 near Cincinnati was sometimes called "Big Butter Jesus" or "Touchdown Jesus" because of his upstretched arms. Monday night, the statue was set ablaze by a bolt of lightning. The structure was made of foam and fiberglass over a steel frame. After the fire, only the frame remains. An adjacent amphitheater was damaged, and fish in the pond beneath the statue were killed. No one was injured. Police warn they will ticket anyone who stops on the interstate highway to take pictures of the damage.

Big Tip Allows Taxi Driver to Retire

Mary Watson of Newquay, Cornwall, England used the same taxi driver for 20 years when she went shopping. He was always kind and courteous. Then when Watson died in her 80s, she bequeathed Don Pratt a very large tip in her will. She left the driver £250,000! The sum includes the woman's savings and a house.

"When I was told she had left everything to me I just couldn't believe it. We were sad to hear she had passed but thankful she had left us this money.

"We are very grateful for her generosity. In nearly 30 years as a cabbie, this is certainly the biggest tip I've ever had."

The 65-year-old Pratt then announced he was retiring from driving.

Thief Steals Suit to Wear to Court

Phillip Northmore was facing shoplifting charges in Exeter, Devon, England. He didn't want to wear jeans and a t-shirt to court, but that was all the clothing he had. So on the way to court, Northmore stole a pair of trousers, jacket, shirt and tie so he would look respectable as he faced the judge. Instead, the 26-year-old was arrested and later pled guilty to theft and other outstanding charges.

Woman Arrested for Mayonnaise Vandalism

Boise, Idaho has seen a series of vandalism incidents involving condiments over the past year. Joy L. Cassidy was arrested Sunday moments after she was spotted putting mayonnaise into the drive-through book drop at the Ada County Library. The 74-year-old woman is under investigation for previous incidents in which librarians found books covered with corn syrup and ketchup. She is suspected in up to ten other condiment crimes.

In Other Mayonnaise News

Authorities in Destin, Florida closed off a neighborhood and called in a HAZMAT team after two residents complained of trouble breathing and irritated eyes as they inspected their new home. They also reported a funny smell. Neighbors who were evacuated speculated that the cause might be a meth lab or a terrorist cell. The HAZMAT team found a large barrel which contained five gallons of rancid mayonnaise. It had been left by the previous residents of the home.

Woman Fined for Nursing Baby -While Driving

An unnamed 47-year-old woman in Mettmann, Germany was pulled over by a policeman when he spotted her breastfeeding her 18-month-old while driving.

The woman objected to being pulled over, explaining that because her home was nearby, mother and child would have certainly made it home safely. But the officer refused to let her continue driving in that state.

Instead the woman was issued fines for failing to provide proper security for her child or herself while driving.

Man Calls 911 over Sasquatch Sighting

In the 1970s, Cleveland County, North Carolina had a slew of sightings of an mysterious Bigfoot-like animal that was dubbed "Knobby". The stories died down until Tim Peeler called 911 to report that he had seen a giant ape with a man's face in his yard. A Cleveland County deputy was dispatched to Peeler's home, but did not find the Bigfoot. Peeler says he'll be armed with a camera next time it happens. With video.