Sneak Peek #3: The World's Nicest Landlords!

Mangesh & Jason

The new issue hits stands next Tuesday, and the Spinning the Globe section on Bolivia is fascinating. From its two national capitals, to a month-long fight club, the stories are fascinating. Here's one of our favorite bits on why some of the landlords there don't charge rent.

You can't beat a country that offers free rent. In Bolivia, some landlords use a tenant system based on what's called an anticrético contract. Here's how it works: You give your landlord a lump sum of cash, which he invests, and when you move out, your entire original sum is given back to you! The understanding is that, because the landlord is investing your money and making a profit off of it, it's pretty much a win-win for everyone. Of course, you need a large chunk of change to rent—at least several thousand dollars. But it still beats any deal we've seen on Craigslist!

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But that just scratches the surface. From why Bolivian beauty pageants lead to international conflicts, to hilarious misfires in propaganda, to the 50 most interesting places in the space-time continuum, the new issue is definitely worth reading. Look for it on newsstands, or better yet, pair a subscription with mental_floss T-shirt and save yourself some money. Click here for details.