The Late Movies: Schrödinger's Cat


Schrödinger's Cat is the name of a thought experiment in quantum mechanics that posits that an unknown exists in more than one state until it is observed. I always considered this idea a particularly human conceit, as if the existence or condition of something has anything at all to do with our knowledge of it. But then again, I'm no quantum mechanic. I can't even change my own oil.

OK, now you've got the idea, let's have some funnier videos.


You might want to know a little bit about Schrödinger's other accomplishments. This video has some of that, but it is more notable for pointing out how computer speech generators can't pronounce his name.

Bioshock 2

There's an easter egg in this video game of a cat that won't go away. Yes, it's Schrodinger's cat.

The Science of Humor

A joke in which you have not heard the punch line is equally funny and unfunny until you hear the punch line. In case you really want to know what the punch line is, look here.

Kittens in a Box

In reality, cats LIKE to be in a box. This one isn't going to give his brothers a turn.

Atomic Opera

This video explores the question of observation and reality. And it's totally cosmic. Groovy, even.

The Big Bang Theory

It all makes sense in the end.

Robots have the Answer!

I saved the best for last, you see.

I also recommend Schrodinger's Cat Strikes Back which is not available for embedding, but is quite humorous.