That Very First Movie

David K. Israel

Fantasia was originally released in 1940. Then, in 1946, Disney released it again taking out some of the live-action that was slowing the film pacing down. In 1956, they released it in CinemaScope stereo, but the film still wasn't making a profit. It wasn't until 1969, nearly 30 years after the initial release, when the cult college-LSD fans came out in large numbers that the film finally broke through and became the success that we know it today. My mother took me to see it that year. I was two years old and it was the very first movie I ever saw. No doubt, even though I don't recall it much, the film made a big impression because I am a cartoon-addict, especially when it comes to Disney.

It was only fitting, then, that my 2-year-old son Jack's first movie would also be a Disney production, well, Pixar/Disney, but let's not split celluloid. We saw Toy Story 3 this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed every frame of it! In the theater lobby, after the film, Jack got to meet one of the characters from Despicable Me, which opens next month. All part of the fun of going to a matinee!

What was your first movie-going experience? (Or what was the first movie you took your kids to?) We want to know!