State Symbols Trivia Contest Results

Jason English

Time to wrap up our official state symbols trivia contest, which was inspired by reader Harry's comment that Oklahoma's state vegetable is the watermelon. I asked InternWill to go through all 100+ comments and pick two winners. Here's what we decided:

"¢ James tells us that "Red or green?" is the official state question of New Mexico, referring to chile peppers. Does your state have a state question? If not, what would you propose?

"¢ Hyacinth was the first one to tell us that the official state rock song of Ohio is "Hang on, Sloopy." Ohio made this official with a 1985 resolution, which included this clause:

WHEREAS, Adoption of this resolution will not take too long, cost the state anything, or affect the quality of life in this state to any appreciable degree, and if we in the legislature just go ahead and pass the darn thing, we can get on with more important stuff.

Congratulations, everyone! I'll be in touch about your prizes. We'll get another contest going tomorrow and try to give away some books.