The New Issue Is Out!

Mangesh & Jason

The new issue is out and it's really, really fun. Need a belated Father's Day present? Make Dad happy and buy him a subscription. Looking for a good graduation gift? Look no further. Or pick up a copy for yourself. You deserve it!

Of course, if you need even more of a sales pitch (other than my telling you) here are just a few things you'll see inside the new issue:

  • Where the world's weirdest statue of George Washington resides (he's half-naked in a toga)!
  • Inside the Supreme Court's Doomsday Shelter
  • Why the U.S. government makes the country's most expensive peanut butter
  • The man who inspired Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue
  • Where antimatter exists
  • How the MIT Media Lab got its big break
  • The World's Worst Propaganda Campaigns
  • Inside a Barrel with Houdini
  • How to Give a Housefly an Elaborate Funeral (courtesy of Virgil)
  • An Island where Wingless Butterflies Live

...and so much more!

From stories on why the U.S. banned sliced bread, to public artworks that went terribly wrong, to the 50 most interesting places in the space-time continuum, the new issue is definitely worth reading. Look for it on newsstands, or better yet, pair a subscription with mental_floss T-shirt and save yourself some money. Click here for details.