Happy Belated Captain Picard Day!

Chris Higgins

I'm embarrassed to admit that I missed this year's Captain Picard Day -- it was one week ago today, on June 16. According to Geeks are Sexy, "Captain Picard Day is celebrated on June 16th because it is the equivalent date to Stardate 47457.1, mentioned in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode entitled The Pegasus. In that episode, Captain Picard Day is an occasion for the Enterprise to host schoolchildren and show them what Starfleet is like."

Although Stardate experts disagree on the June 16th thing (other interpretations of the date include November 4th, January 8th, or January 10th), I'll leave the nerd-fights for the nerds and just enjoy this clip from TNG explaining the day:

If you're not sure how to celebrate Captain Picard Day, I think you should check out our very own Miss Cellania's The Other Side of Jean-Luc Picard which features possibly the best reader comment ever: "I didn't know Jean-Luc's phaser was set on 'stunning'. Oooo la la."

I hear next year there's going to be a Commander Riker Day. Beard contest, anyone??