Buy Your (Potential) Dream Home


As a child I often imagined my dream home and what sorts of mind-blowingly sweet (not a word I use now) amenities it would feature. My grandest dream of all was to have a swimming pool filled with cereal and milk. I wasn't great with logistics - l didn't consider the fact that I would quickly have a pool full of extremely soggy cereal and possibly spoiled milk. Or the fact that you'd be swimming in your own food while you ate it.

This 90,000 square-foot Orlando mansion is being sold for $75 Million, so you'd think it would have everything you could possibly imagine - including that disgusting indoor lagoon filled with Fruity Pebbles. But no. In fact, it doesn't even have carpet. The picture above is an artist's rendering of what it could eventually look like. Instead your money gets you the partially completed home shown below - which comes with the caveat that it's being sold "as is."

What does it really look like?

So if you were to buy this place and finish it, what features are a must-have for you?

(Via Huffington Post)