The Late Movies: Complaint Choirs

Chris Higgins

A "Complaints Choir" is a community project in which people sing their complaints, generally about local issues -- transit, weather, and politics seem to make it into every choir's song. Complaints Choirs have formed worldwide, and there's even a Wikipedia page about the choirs. Here are a few favorites.

Birmingham Complaints Choir

According to Wikipedia, this is the one that started it all.

"Why does my computer take so very long? What can't the bus driver talk to anyone? And why is the beer so expensive in town? I want my money back...."

Helsinki Complaints Choir

"The queue for the dentist is over six months long. After waiting for so long, the whole tooth must be pulled out. Nice shirts get discolored in the wash, but ugly shirts never do."


"Busses bunch up worse than granny panties. Why are all the single men insane? My ex-husband still lives in Chicago. Window washers appear outside my bathroom. People brag about knowing famous people. I can't stop thinking about sex."

Vancouver, BC

"There's so much potential in the people here. But we're so distracted by the sports and beer. Vancouver drivers are selfish. Global warming sucks. What happened to our summer? It is always sunny when I am working, raining when I'm not. ... My bank installed TVs, there's no opportunity to have space-out time."


"My mother always worries too favorite underpants are out of stock -- unfortunately, the old ones already fell apart. My lawn doesn't grow -- the days are too short."

More About Complaints Choirs

Check out for a complete roundup! There are lots and lots and lots. (See also: a YouTube search for "complaints choir.")