Mike Krzyzewski Slap-Boxing With Bobby Knight in 1979 [Photo]

Jason English

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Date: July 10, 1979

Original caption: "San Juan, Puerto Rico: Explaining his arrest, Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight (left) demonstrates how he got into a pushing match with Puerto Rican policeman. Knight, who is in San Juan coaching the USA basketball team in the Pan American Games, was arrested, in dispute over closed practice session. Knight explained incident with assist coach Mike Krzyzewski (R), as Don Miller, EX-Dir. USOC, looks on."

The whole ordeal started when the Brazilian women's team showed up for practice earlier than Knight expected, so he approached a Puerto Rican policeman to send them away. Knight gave his side of the story in an article he wrote for The New York Times later that year: "I had been poked in the eye by a Puerto Rican policeman, only to be arrested because I then pushed him away. I was subsequently tried [in absentia] and sentenced to six months in jail. Beating the Puerto Rican basketball team was our only crime, as I have since been told by many people writing me from Puerto Rico."