The Late Movies: US vs Algeria Reactions!


Yesterday the US Men's National Team defeated Algeria 1-0 to advance to the next round of the World Cup. The stakes were dire. As you know by now, with 90 minutes elapsed, the game was knotted at 0-0, meaning the US would be heading home. But in the first minute of stoppage time, US striker Landon Donovan scored a dramatic goal to lead the US to victory.

Tonight for the Late Movies, here are some fantastic, frenetic and frenzied reaction videos to that late strike. Not shown in most of these clips is the incredible play by US keeper Tim Howard, who stopped a weak Algeria header and led the counterattack with an amazing toss to Donovan on the right side.

In case you haven't seen it (or, like me, want to watch it again for the 40th time), here is Landon Donovan's goal.

Here is a longer compilation of reaction clips featuring shots from the US, South Africa and Europe. Look for the one of the kid in his basement...

Following the win, some fans erupted into the national anthem on the streets.

Here is a slightly indulgent remix of the clip set to Lee Greenwood's "God Bless The USA."

Here is the reaction from a group of kids in Arkansas.

WARNING - You may want to turn down your speakers a bit for this one. It comes to use from Las's boisterous and shaky, which in my mind is a perfect reflection of the city.

Finally, this last clip comes to us from a bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Enjoy!

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