Mickey Mouse is so famous, you can easily call him "Mickey Mouse" in all but the most remote areas of the world and know that people understand what you're talking about. But Mickey has an alias in many other countries—here are 10 of them.

1. Miki Tikus - Indonesia.

2. Mikki Mus - Iceland.

3. Topolino - Italy.

4. Raton Mickey - Mexico.

5. Mikki Hirri - Finland.

6. Musse Pigg - Sweden.

7. Mi Lao Shu - China.

8. Miguel Rantoncito* - Spain.

9. Mikki Ma-u-su* - Japan.

10. Michal Souris* - France.

*A couple of these—specifically France, Japan and Spain—are cited in The Encyclopedia of Useless Information, but I can't seem to find a backup source to verify. It's times like these that I turn to our smart _flossers for help: can anyone tell us if you could ask for Michal Souris at Disneyland Paris and get directed to the Mouse's house?

Stacy Conradt is on maternity leave, but she turned in a bunch of Quick 10s before she became a mom. She'll be back later this summer. You can read all her previous stories here.