Weird Website of the Week: Four Word Film Review


In these times of short attention spans, it's hard to get much shorter than the Four Word Film Review. Long-form movie reviews seem to be going the way of the dodo, with many of the nation's big newspapers eliminating their full-time reviewers and long-running shows like At the Movies being canceled. If we don't have time for At the Movies reviews -- which can be boiled down to just two words (thumbs up or thumbs down), does that mean serious film criticism is dead?

Maybe not. Surprisingly, Roger Ebert gave Four Word Film Reviews a thumbs-up, as well as a four-word review of his own: "Four Words: Pithy Reviews."

Here are a few fun ones. (By the way, they can be four words or less.)

Of The Forty-Year-Old Virgin, a FWFR reviewers wrote, "No action. Figures."Flightplan: "Freaky fly-day."Corpse Bride had several good ones: "Bride's head reanimated." "Cold Mountin." "Groom borrowed, bride's blue."Star Trek: First Contact: "Picard plays Borg games."Hot Tub Time Machine: "Water whirled."Star Wars: A New Hope: "Carrie, Han, wayward son."

You can read 'em all or register and add your own, all at Four Word Film Reviews. Or you can order the book at Amazon.