Revenge Is Best Served on the Internet

Jill Harness

I don't know about you, but when I get a traffic ticket, I either grumble and pay it or go to court to fight it. Bluff City, TN resident Brian McCrary decided to go another direction.

After he was caught speeding by a traffic camera, McCrary learned the police department's domain was about to expire. Now when you visit, you're taken to a website that covers any and all news related to traffic cameras in Tennessee.

The police chief explained that he's not very internet savvy and the officer he assigned to take care of the site was out on medical leave around the time the site expired.

It occurs to me that they could probably get a .gov website that can't be kidnapped by a civilian, but I could be wrong about that. Any Flossers want to enlighten us about government domains?

Have you ever bought a domain name for spite?

[Image courtesy of mwilkie's Flickr stream.]